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Property Investment Newcastle specialises in reducing your mortgage using investment properties.

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How to Build a Property Portfolio from Nothing

September 8, 2017

Unfortunately, while researching this topic one thing has become clear – you cannot invest in property (or buy a family home) if you have nothing. If you have no income, no cash and no equity, then contrary to the titles of many articles out there (like this one!) you will never find any lender that [...]

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Advantages of Building Your Own Investment Property

August 7, 2017

The most obvious approach for property wealth management in Newcastle for many new investors is to buy an existing property on the rental market and lease it out, earning income from the tenants until it is time to sell up. This is the easy, quick option for many, but it may actually be more beneficial, [...]

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How To Build A Property Portfolio Quickly

August 7, 2017

All property investors want the very best portfolio of homes and assets that will provide wealth and financial security for years to come. The problem is that we also want that security and profit as soon as possible. Why hang around on a slow burn when there are opportunities to take advantage of. Here is [...]

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Real Estate Investment Checklist ֠7 Tips Before Investing

June 14, 2017

Property investment can be daunting to some who are a little less experienced but done properly, can be a very rewarding venture. This article provides a very basic real estate investment checklist that you can follow to help ensure you are on the way to success. Of course we recommend using our services for your [...]

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Average House Price in Newcastle NSW

May 24, 2017

Average House Price in Newcastle NSW

Average house price in Newcastle NSW Australia

There are major concerns in New South Wales over an affordability crisis in the housing market, something reflected across the country, but seemingly worse here. According to the Perceptions of Housing Affordability report, 87% of Australians that want to own a home feel that they cannot afford to. A lot of this stems from steady price increases and the high rise of stamp duty over the years. This heavy tax has increased by 750% in 20 years. These measures have placed some homes in the state, especially the Sydney area, out of the reach of a number of families and couples. Even though the average house price Newcastle NSW is growing, Newcastle is fast becoming an affordable alternative for Sydney siders.

Both house prices and rental prices are on the rise in Newcastle, NSW.

Data for recent house prices varies, but each source highlights a dramatic increase. Some report that in the past year, the average house price in Newcastle was $985,000. This equates to an increase of 55.7% and compound annual growth of 9.3%. Others focus on a rise from $312,000 to $500,000 in the last 10 years. This is great for the sellers and real estate agents cashing in on the popularity of the area, but not for those struggling to afford to buy. Then there is the added problem of negative gearing distorting opportunities. Negative gearing allows investors to reduce their personal income revenue by applied losses against business income. For many in this area, rental properties are the best approach. But, even these options can be costly for those in need.

The problem is not just seen in the buyers market. Renters are also hard hit as average house price Newcastle NSW rental prices increase and residents struggle to find the property that they need. Rental demand is currently seen as average at the moment, despite ongoing talk of Newcastle being one of the up-and-coming cities in the area. The median rent is currently around $510 per week. Naturally this varies depending upon the size of the property. This mostly reflects the rental price for families looking to rent a 4 bedroom house, a market that has seen a rise of 1.5%. Couples looking for single or two bedroom apartments can expect to pay around $250-$375 per week, which reflects an increase of 4.2%.

A rise in the supply of affordable homes would lessen the pressure on new buyers, but there is no guarantee that this will happen.

Supply and demand is a key issue in the average house price Newcastle NSW. Limited availability of affordable homes restricts options for everyday buyers. Some, such as the Labour party, insist that new homes need to be built quickly. They pledge 55,000 in three years. Hopeful buyers say four key factors are at work here. They are the need for the removal of stamp duty, improved government assistance, lower prices and better transport links to communities. People want to move to Newcastle as they see the potential in this growing waterfront city, especially as a commuter town.

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Building Wealth Through Investment Property

May 19, 2017

Many couples are keen to ensure that they have the perfect nest egg in place for their retirement – a nice safety net of savings, investments and collectables. There are many different ways to do this that allow couples to enjoy more than a pension in later years. A broad portfolio of investments and options [...]

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Retire Early in Australia

May 10, 2017

Retire Early in Australia

If your mortgage is settled, and you have a great home investment portfolio, whats to stop you from living the dream and doing the retire early in Australia thing?
Many people like their careers and tasks and would not ponder retiring early, nevertheless there are also lots of people who loath their jobs and the idea of early retirement is very enticing.
Our group concentrates on settling your mortgage as quickly as possible and an extremely workable result is to consider an early retirement. Based upon successful property financial investment, there might be no factor for you to continue working and rather living the lifestyle that you imagine.

Of course, it is extremely recommended that you consult the suggestions of your accounting professional prior to making any choices. Early retirement impacts pensions, very, taxes, and so on and your personal situation needs to be assessed.

Our team are in a position that after a brief assessment with you they can provide you an idea of the numerous advantages of buying home among which is being able to use you the alternative to retire early in Australia.
Our consultations are totally free-- what do you need to lose?

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Why Newcastle Is A City To Expect Residential or commercial property Growth

May 8, 2017

Why Newcastle Is A City To Expect Home Growth

Newcastle property growth

While there are still many that will stay put and continue to put their money into this significant city, hedging their bets if you will, others have actually begun to see the light in a sunny location a little additional up the coast. Newcastle is a harbour city that is beginning to acquire interest, taking attention away from Sydney and supplying a brand-new opportunity for eager financiers.
The very first attractive element to Newcastle over Sydney is easy-- it is all about the most recent numbers.
When we look at the crucial numbers here, Newcastle property development is not that huge a gamble for mindful brand-new investors. In 2016, the city saw house costs rise by 9.3% as the city rose in worth. This represented a substantial increase on the previous year, and those with their eyes out for the next huge thing soon saw which way the wind was blowing. Sydney only saw an increase of 2.1%, recommending that the bubble had undoubtedly burst. At the end of 2016, the average house cost in Sydney was as high as $1.07 million, far too much for any first-timer or anyone keen to take a threat on something brand-new. Newcastle, on the other hand, was around half that at $530,000. This cemented the city as a a lot more enticing possibility to anyone planning to make a financial investment-- without too much at stake. This figure was slightly higher then the regional average of $440,000. This is not only an affordable location by comparison, it is one with a clear buzz surrounding it.
There are a number of factors about Newcastle that makes it so enticing right now for financiers.
There is the sense that a property purchased here will soon rise in worth, with guaranteed Newcastle home growth, and that investors will enjoy a terrific return. There are a number of reasons for this. Due to the fact that of its rental returns and the continuous developments within the city, lots of investors are keen on the potential of Newcastle. Numerous emphasize the existing structure boom for central city apartments, which are an essential financial investment in the areas. Not only are there the homes to bring in buyers, there is a focus on the enhancement of facilities. Improvements to a new light rail system and significant rezoning endeavors across the city all contribute to the appeal. There is the issue of the place. Newcastle is likewise a waterside location, with some great properties and views, and it is just 160km away from Sydney. Close enough for trip to the significant city and its advantages; far enough away to have its own identity and charm.
We likewise can not forget that Newcastle has the second biggest population in New South Wales, so there are plenty of potential occupants in requirement of a budget-friendly house. Those that buy into the Newcastle market can tap into the potential for Newcastle property growth while it remains budget-friendly and rewarding.

Find out more at Property Investment Newcastle.

Positive Geared Property in Australia

May 1, 2017

Positive Geared Property in Australia

Our group are specialists in picking the proper financial investment residential or commercial properties to produce a favorable geared investment that will generate income for you to use as desired or to invest into more properties.
To acquire a positive tailored residential or commercial property in Australia takes industry experience, an eye for trends, and an understanding of areas. Our group repeatedly demonstrates their skill by continuing to get terrific financial investment residential or commercial properties for our clients.

In case you're unaware, a favorable geared residential or commercial property in Australia merely describes a financial investment residential or commercial property that, after expenses, generates income on the staying rental earnings. Keep in mind that tax implications might alter this circumstance nevertheless if, after tax, the home is still producing an earnings, then in addition to it being referred to as favorably geared, it is likewise known as positive capital. After lease and tax benefits are received which overall quantity is greater than than the total up to be paid to the bank, then the home is considered positive.

Please consult your accounting professional to determine the very best financial investment method to suit your situations.
Our strategy to purchase home that can help shorten the length of your mortgage, generate wealth, and permit you to retire early can be based upon both the favorable gearing and unfavorable tailoring model. The cash flow produced by the favorably tailored property is then utilized tactically to even more minimize debt. When developing your portfolio in an unfavorable environment, the "escalator system" us used to attain a very similar result.
Our team is Newcastle based and are having a nice time selecting financial investments locally but they are knowledgable and also knowledgeable in the majority of property financial investment abundant areas in Australia. That's not a problem offer us a call anyway if you're not from the Newcastle area. Nowadays most things can be accomplished digitally.
If you are Newcastle based, then terrific; we can arrange a consultation at a place most convenient to you.

Mortgage Eliminators

April 30, 2017

Mortgage Eliminators

mortgage eliminators

How does the idea of paying off your mortgage within 3 to 8 years sound? Eliminate 25 years or two of mortgage payments from your life?
Our group can carry out investment strategies so that you can pay off your home loan within 3 to 8 years. Many people discover that their home loan is a burden around their neck. For far too long it has actually been typically understood and accepted that you must go to pay and work every day off that mortgage. In addition, recent times have seen both couples working, one to pay off the home loan and one to provide living income.
Mark Taylor, through over 33 years of working as a financial obligation reduction specialist has actually sharpened his skills at using equity to invest into property carefully and carefully. Mark and his group, referred to as the home mortgage eliminators, thoroughly choose financial investment homes that have high potential in capital growth and rental return. This is attained through years of experience searching for signs and signals that the team has learnt how to identify.
As an effective investment portfolio is created and built on, the capacity for using income from the financial investments to assist pay off your home mortgage boosts. Usually it is thought about finest practice to pay off any personal financial obligations prior to debts sustained due to financial investment reasons. This is since any investment financial obligation (e.g. property financial investment loan) is tax deductible whereas a personal home loan will not be.
The "home loan eliminators" will design an investment strategy based on your existing monetary scenario and your objectives. They know how to get mortgages settled fast and throughout the totally free assessment they can discuss in detail how they can do that for you and respond to any questions that you might have.
You have nothing to lose by investing an hour with Mark and his team.

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